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You will find here a few short guides each demonstrating a particular use case of GraniteDS.

GraniteDS integrates various client and server technologies, so the tutorial depends on which technologies you want to use. The provided guides contain most of the combinations of technologies supported by GraniteDS, so you will first have to build and generate the documentation for your case. But don’t worry, building these tutorials is just a matter of issuing a couple of commands.

The guides are all available as maven projects on github under the organization graniteds-tutorials. The project graniteds-tutorial simply contain common POMs for all tutorials. You can find there some useful configuration for maven project but generally it’s also explained in the tutorial documents.


You will need a few common tools to use these tutorials:

Optionally you will need an IDE to conveniently browse and run the examples. Project files are provides for Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, other such as Netbeans can usually import Maven POMs.

Usage note:

You may experience a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when running some of the Maven build commands. Using the following options can help fixing the issue:

$ export MAVEN_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=256m

You can also put this variable in your general shell environement.

Available guides:

The links below will direct you to the Github home page of each project. You can then scroll down to the README.adoc file displayed at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions in the ‘How to use this tutorial’ section.

Helloword with a remote service

Learn how to call a remote service from a client application.

Stock feed application

Learn how to build a simple feed application that send stock prices to all connected clients in real-time.

Chat application

Learn how to build a simple chat application to send messages between clients in real-time.

Address book application

Learn how to use data management features to quickly build a CRUD-based application.

Don’t hesitate to suggest other tutorials @graniteds.